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Personal trainer for your mental wellness

Welcome to Staraxy, where taking care of your mental health is a daily adventure. Staraxy is here to support you through the ebbs and flows of life, and motivates you to build healthy, consistent habits every day.

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Take care of your mind like you take care of your body. Your wellness is the top priority, and we are here to support you every day.

Professionally curated audio

Guided meditations: reduce stress and anxiety with guided meditations covering a wide range of topics, such as emotions, relationship, life purpose, motivation, etc.

Sleep stories: fall asleep in minutes with fantasy bedtime stories, guided visualizations, and relaxation routines.

Art sessions: calm your mind, unload your emotions, and unleash your inner artist with creative art exercises.

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Journal, gratitude, mood check

Cultivate positivity by documenting moments of gratitude for each day, all securely protected by your biometrics on the device, and fully encrypted on the server.

Goal-oriented step tracker

Achieve your movement goals with our integrated step tracker that turns daily physical activity into a fun challenge.

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Play for wellness

Complete daily challenges, build your dream village, unlock exclusive titles and achievements - see the Staraxy Village grow and evolve alongside you.